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custom K-Tuner Maps

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Hey Guys!
Ive recently installed my K-Tuner V2 running stage 2 to my 2.0T 10AT. I was wondering if anyone had figured out custom mapping for the car or knows how to do some changes. Since I've straight piped my car, it's started creating some pretty good burbles, and I want more. I know its potentially harmful to the engine and I wouldnt run that map all the time. K-tuner politely told me to (GO TO A PLACE TO PRACTICE SELF FORNICATION) when I asked them for help. I'm new here and any information would be great!
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A turbo is a muffler of sorts. Is why it probably sounds diff from the normal rice sound. Gurgles are expected with straight pipes.

Curious, what word was replaced in the original post?

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