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This 2000 Volkswagen Jetta came to us as a recent purchase in a heavily neglected state. We were asked to give it a solid thorough cleaning and help bring the paint back a little. Full correction was not asked for or even expected. We gave it a full turnaround and really got the vehicle grime free with the paint brought back to life and fully protected for the winter. The pictures will truly show the differences made.
Car prep:
Products used
Zep purple 4:1 (tire degreaser)
Meguiars Super degreaser (all purpose degreaser)
Chemical guys wheel cleaner
Zep Citrus degreaser 10:1 (paint degreaser/wax remover)
Chemical Guys Citrus wash Clear (car shampoo for removing wax and contamination)
Clay Magic Medium clay (very aggressive)
Chemical Guys Maxi Suds/water mix (clay solution)

Headlights reconditioning:
1000 grit sand paper
2500 grit sand paper
Meguiars M105 + purple foam wool pad(compounding pad) on PC
Menzerna 203 (medium polish) + orange pad(medium cutting pad) on PC

Paint correction / protection
Meguiars M105 (compound) + purple foam wool pad Rotary/PC
Meguiars M205 (medium/final polish)+ green pad
IPA 30% (final wipe down after polishing)
Collinite 845 (sealing wax) very durable sealant/wax
Collinite 915 (wax)

CG VRT dressing (trim dressing)
Poorboys Natural look (interior trim dressing)
Poorboys Bold n Bright (tire dressing)

First what we did when car came in was wet sanded the headlights because they original clear coat was peeling. After that all jambs were cleaned, rubber trim around doors were taken off and cleaned. Outside trim was degreased. After that car was washed, finish was so bad that it was hard to drag wash mit on the paint, after wash car was clayed, washed again, there was huge difference after claying the car; there was a lot of contamination. After drying car it was taped off and tried couple combinations and realized that one step customer asked for will not works well. So we decided to do 2 steps, after one step paint still had a lot of scratches due to improper washes. But it did finish a lot glossier and more reflective. Whole car was compounded and followed up with Megs M205. After polishing car was wiped down with alcohol and sealed with Collinite 845, left on for couple of hours and then wiped off, 24 hours after it was waxed with Collinite 915 to protect car even further as customer asked, this should yield 6-12 month of protection. Tape was removed and outside trim was dressed

Car prep:

Trim around windows degreased

All body seams cleaned Before/After


Paint reconditioning
Overall condition of the paint







After polishing

Headlights wet sanded, polished and sealed

Trim dressed


center grill dressed, sides are not

Finished pictures



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Another GREAT job! :thmsup:

NHBP AV6 6SPD coupe
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I love these huge turn around jobs! How do you like the Meguiars glass cleaner? I think I see that on your shelf.
no its not glass cleaner ( APC, superdegreaser, wheel brightener, last touch and i think thats all from megs)

How much would paint correction be for the roof of a well-cared-for Honda Accord?

just for roof? as long as it doesnt have to be wetsanded like i did mine today then id say maybe $50-60. thats just for roof if car was washed ( so wipe down, clay, 1-2 stage polish, wiped down and sealed/waxed)
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