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My 2002 EX V6 Honda Accord has check engine light on for the last 6 months, this light turned on after oil change at MIDAS. I did a complete diagnosis check at MIDAS. They told me the code they read was P0560-system voltage malfunction, and final analysis was a bad ECM/PCM. And advised me to visit Honda Dealer. PAID $105 to MIDAS.

Next, visited Honda Dealer 1 immediately, and they after charging me $108 Said and full diagnosis, Code 0000-No codes saved in ECM/PCM. Pay $420 more and we will check the engine cluster. Just to find the problem ...:notworthy

After 6 months i visited Honda dealer2 for an oil change and free engine check test (no diagnosis), they gave me three code 17-1 (speed sensor open/short), 31-1 (ABS control unit failure) and 32-2 (engine retard signal failure).:dunno:

Found out the dealer1, could be incorrect- as the engine codes d'nt cycle/he should have called me back after putting some miles on the car.

Different places, different results. I know there is a time lag between visits, but what do i do now? go to a third place?

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