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DIY Tips: 7th gen fog light install

Just finished my OEM fog install on my 05 coupe. The instructions provided by HandA-Accessories were excellent, but I did come away with a few tips that might help those of you looking to do it in the future.

1 - Check the package to make sure that all of the screws and bolts are there. I was missing the self tapping screws and had to go out and buy some.

2 - When cutting out the old fog light inserts, maybe sure that you get them as filed down as you possible can. It will help later when securing the brackets.

3 - When adding the three extra wires to the 14 pin and 20 pin connectors, make sure that the wires go ALL THE WAY DOWN TO MAKE THE CONNECTION before you lock the wires back in place. This was the one mistake I made, and had to unbolt the fust box and get those little £$%^%£ out again :thumbsdow.

4 - While undoing the trim under the dash dont be afraid to PULL. I had to try way harder than I thought I would to get it detatched. I was almost sure that I'd break something.

Other than these three things, it was VERY easy do to. If any of you are thinking about doing it but are too afraid of the work, don't be. It looks daunting but if you pay attention and follow the steps, it is very simple. It took me 5 hours to do it this time due to a few complications, but if i had to do it again, I'd say i could get it done in 1-2, because I now know where everything is.:thumbsup:

Here is the install guide provided by HandA.


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