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I took some pictures through the install of my OEM autodimming mirror yesterday in the hopes that it might be useful to others looking to do the same. Moderators - I wasn't sure if this should reside in the 8th Gen forum, or the DIY forum. We seem to have DIY's in both.

I did things slightly different than the Honda instructions show - I think it made the install a bit easier. The main differences: I did not unhook the battery, and I did not remove the drivers sun visor.

I apologize for the quality of the pictures, the Motorola Droid's camera isn't the best in the world...

*Note* This applies to the EX-trim level 2-door. The LX-trim level does not have the autodimming mirror harness pre-routed up to the headliner, and requires additional work to get you there.

*DISCLAIMER* I'm not responsible if you break something. :)

Step 1:

You should be looking at something like this:

Pry off the two map light covers with a small flat-head screwdriver:

Step 2:

You now have access to the 4 screws you need to remove to drop the overhead console. Unscrew them. The back end of the overhead console has big tabs helping to keep it in place, so drop the forward end of the console first, and slide it down and forward to clear the back tabs:

Step 3:

Unplug all the wires from the back of the console. This was one of the more PITA steps for me. One of the wires was tricky to unplug. In the photo, its the one that plugs into that black "backwards-D" looking area:

The PDF instructions said to remove 3 plugs, but I had 4 - homelink is the extra one perhaps?

Step 4:

Move the drivers-side and passengers-side sun visors out of the way. Turn the visor clips 45 degrees counter-clockwise, then they should pull out easily. This gives you a lot of "play" in the roof liner, which will be helpful for when you are routing the mirror wiring.

Step 5:

I moved from the driver's seat to the passenger's seat to continue the install. I pointed my camera up into the area where the roof console once resided to see if I could find the plug for the mirror harness. In the picture, you can see it sitting behind the oval-shaped cutout in the roof metal.

I routed the mirror harness through the roof liner (easy to do now that the sun visor clips are removed, and attempted to plug in the harness. It sits about 5 or 6 inches back from that oval-shaped cutout, so it was a bit tricky. What I ended up doing was taking a long flat-head screwdriver, and using it to put tension on the harness as I held it with the end of the harness with my other hand. I did it this way so the harness would remain tight and not flop down as I brought it closer to the plug.

After a few attempts I got it!

Step 6:

Next I removed the original mirror. Grab near the base of the mirror and rotate it 90 degrees clockwise. It requires a bit of force. The mirror will slide out easy after that.

Take a pair of needle-nose pliers and remove the mirror clip. Install the new clip after the old one is out.

Step 7:

I next taped down the mirror harness. You want the piece of green tape on the side of the harness that plugs into the mirror to be flush with the edge of the roof liner.

Step 8:

Install the new mirror in the opposite order you used to remove the old one. Start it with the base at 90 degrees turned, slide it up, and turn it back 90 degrees.

In this picture you can see where you need the plug on the back of the autodimming mirror is.

Go ahead and plug it in.

Step 9:

Next you need to route the harness through the harness cover to make all the exposed wiring look pretty. The harness cover has two cutouts at its base. One is to allow it to clip on to the base of the mirror, and the other is to allow you to slide the mirror harness in and under the cover. I had to squeeze and contort the wiring to get it to fit under the cover, the insulation over the wires seemed a bit over-sized. This wasn't a big issue. Once you have the wiring underneath the harness cover, clip it to the base of the mirror. Use the telescoping action of the harness cover to bring the cover up to the roof liner. You want the two "forks" of the top of the cover to be protruding past the edge of the roof liner for it to look seamless.

Here's another view:

And another:

Step 10:

Plug everything back into the roof console and re-install the 4 screws. One mistake I made: The back two screws need to go into the two plastic sliding pieces you see up in the roof. Here's a photo:

I must have bumped them - the first time I tried to tighten the back two roof console screws I missed them. I had to bring the console back down and adjust their location. On my EX-L, these sliding pieces needed to have approximately 1/16" of a gap between the back edge of the plastic piece and the back end of the track. Yours may be different.

Step 11:

Admire your work! :) :D

Turn on the car and follow the zone adjustment and compass calibration instructions.

All set! Any questions - let me know!
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