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I painted my stock rims with a two tone silver on black finish. It transformed the look of the car, especially coming from the 12 year old stock 15" alloys that were scratched, peeling and full of road grime.

Here's a DIY video on how I did it:

A few photos of the process:


Sanded with 100 grit:

Clean with rim cleaner:

Masked it off and put some down some primer:

Since I was going for the two tone look, with the black in the spokes and silver on the faces, I next sprayed the black inside the spokes, using black enamel paint:

I also sprayed the inside of the wheel black:

Once that's dry, I masked off all the black areas:

Sprayed Duplicolor Hyper Silver wheel and rim paint:

Unmask and clear coat:

Finished wheels. They take a good 7 days to cure so be careful when mounting them back on the car.

I also painted my drums and calipers red to give it a nice contrast:

Compare with the first pic:


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Huge difference mate - looks fantastic !!
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