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A few weeks ago I heard a chugging noise from under the dash, driver side, near the gas pedal. After taking a look with flash light, I could tell that the noise was coming from the driver side Air Mix motor assembly (the small motor that opens and closes the flap for climate control mixing).

The AC/Heat still worked appropriately for about a month or two.

This morning, I noticed that with the AC/HEAT set to 72, I'm getting hot air out of the driver side vents and cool air out of the passenger side vents. If I change the climate all the way up to heat HI, both side blow hot air nicely. If I put the AC all the way down to LO, BOTH sides blow cold air nicely. Only when the climate is somewhere in the middle does driver blow hot and passenger blow cold at the same time.

Does this sound like its just the mixer motor assembly going bad, especially since its now noisy (enough to hear with radio off and be annoying).

Is this a costly repair, it seems fairly accessible under the dash without removing anything else? Must take to dealership?

Its a 2008 with 138k miles AT v6 EX-L w/nav.

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Let me resurrect your thread but I had this same issue of the chugging and clicking of the motor.

When it is making the noise stick your head under there and you can see the motor moving slightly back and forth.

Simple remove the mix motor, it was like 3 screw and an electrical connector.

Remove old grease and add new white lithium grease. Reinstall.

Mine has been silent for 2 years now.
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