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Today I getting out of the car, I've realized that parts of the rubber run channel on the side of the driver's car window was tucked underneath the metal. I've managed to get it out under there, but now there are two parts that are distinctly creased and is loose with a large gap from the door compared to that of the front passenger door/window. I've never noticed this in the 10 months of owning the car (2014 Accord EX), and I also realized that while driving recently, I can hear a faint clicking/popping sound that imitates that of a clothes pin dropping on a table. There is already enough wind noise with the 9th generation Accords, and this just bothers me. Should I go to the dealer to get this replaced under warranty?

The first picture is that of the driver's side. The second is that of the passenger side.

Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance!


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