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2020 best year
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My short list was C5/C6 Corvette, CTS-V, SRT-8, C55AMG, E55AMG, M3, 335i, Audi S4, ISF...And a Prius for daily driving.
Well now this accord throws everything out the window. I know it’s apples and oranges but a mid 13 second Honda product might negate the need for the “hot rod”. I’m fine with an engine build, supercharger or turbo mod etc...
I think I might be leaning towards the rocket on rails instead of the straight line monster.
I am looking over all your suggestions and look forward to more. Again I thank you all.
Please be safe out there,
Harry (pictures of the 03 will be here soon)
If you are looking for cars with good handling, I would vote Corvette before most Honda's.

The Corvette has always been more of a sports car than a pony car with its 50:50 weight distribution, so the handling is unlikely to disappoint you. C5's LS1 provides good torque and reliability, whereas the German counterparts aren't likely to be as reliable and will cost more to run. As long as you can live with the interior, which is admittedly cheap-looking before C7, it's a great value. If you like modding, the Corvette has a great aftermarket, just like Honda.

As DARKART mentioned, the only real Honda sports cars are the NSX and S2000, both of which have your typical JDM "tax" and cost way too much, and Corvette's value just blows them out of water.

As I said, you need to go out and test drive them. I am shopping cars as well and sometimes research just doesn't help you anymore; you just need to hop into the cars and find out for yourself.

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Hello everyone, I have recently temporarily acquired a friends 2003 Accord LX 2.4 sedan and I am totally impressed by just about everything... the handling, construction quality, and driving feel of this car.
My question to the good folks here is when it’s time to get my own Honda what should I look for, something with a bit more power and with excellent handling. I am coming from a Lexus GS400 which is a wonderful well made and powerful car but feels heavy and plodding next to the Accord.

So in your opinions if I like this Accord what should I look for for myself from the Honda/Acura line that has superior power & handling characteristics that will Also allow possible future performance upgrades, and budget wise is under Let’s say $6K Perhaps a V6 Accord or Civic Si... Integra, RSX? (Yeah I know I can’t do much with my K24... sigh)

If you have any questions for me if I muddled my thoughts or ideas up please ask away. I’m not a boy racer, I’m a old fat guy that loves playing cars.

I thank you in advance for your opinions on this question.

Im probably not the best to answer, however heres my take, i drove a civic way back in the 70's and was super impressed with the tightness of the engine , body. the handling I only drove it apx 60 miles as I purchased it for a client , then just last yr. my sister decided to sell her 03 accord coupe V/6 with only 89,000 miles I was totally impressed with the ride, the handling and the power , car is completely stock , and had a few issues like the gps / radio didn't work checking with the honda dlr they told me i needed a upper display panel to the tune of $500.00 plus labor , going on-line i discovered the repairs needed for this which I carried out , has worked perfectly ever since , cost 0 , also the car seems to be put together with quick to release plastic clips , Great for the do it yourselfers ! car handles like its on rails , love it and i caan get a 2 x 4 x 8 ft. in the rear by moving the rt. ft. pass seat forward 7 putting it in at an angle , can carry probably 6 - 8 great car !
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