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I have searched and searched for info on this, but I either only find mount info for the v6, or for an earlier/later gen accord.

Here's the problem:
About a month ago, I had the front and rear mounts replaced on my 1999 4 cylinder accord. There wasn't bad vibrations, I just noticed that the rubber was separated on the front mount. I figured why not replace the back mount (vacuum controlled, with A/T) at the same time. Went to pick up the car, and as soon as it started, I heard a pop noise. Didn't think much of it. Drove 12 miles home, and when I came to a stoplight, it started vibrating horribly when it dropped to idle. Taking it back to the guy is not an option, he messed up something else and we got into a big argument over that. I immediately thought one of the new mounts was bad, but had to figure out which one. I completely unbolted the front mount, and there was no change in vibrations. My new mechanic put a jack under the back of the motor and it got better, almost back to where it was before I took it in. But I'm afraid if I pay another mechanic to put a new mount in, it won't fix it and I would have yet again wasted my money. The engine is running fine, all vacuum lines are connected and not leaking (spent the last few weeks diagnosing the engine to make sure it's not misfiring or something). Is there any way to test that rear mount to confirm its bad? If you unhook the vacuum line from the solenoid, there is no change. If I manually apply vacuum, there is no change. Any advice or knowledge about these vacuum mounts is very much appreciated! I can't stand this vibration anymore! Thank you!
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