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Over the past couple of months, I've been researching and sampling various vendors of MF towels and wanted to share one that sells outstanding products at prices far lower than any other vendors I've seen thus far.
The Rag Co. based in the Boise, ID area has a huge selection of products to choose from and I can tell you after receiving my sampler order and getting to play toucy-feely with their products, their stuff is awesome in every sense of the word - and so cheap!

Right now, Autogeek has a brand new promotion going on which features the new edgeless towel. It's 70/30 blend and 16"x16" They don't specify where it's made nor the weight. They've got it on sale for $17.95 :jawdrop:
The Rag Co. has their 16"x16" edgeless towel which is made by the authority in the finest mf products, S. Korea. It's also 16x16 and 70/30 and weighs in at a stunning 480 GSM and comes in 3 colors. Theirs is only $4.85.
That's just one example. Every single item I compared had them as the lowest priced vendor hands down. Autogeek's free shipping doesn't kick in until you reach $150.00. The Rag co. requires only a $30.00 minimum for free shipping.
If you're looking for great quality mf towels at superb prices, check them out.
The Junkman did a promo video about their products - especially the edgeless towels on his own raving them.

The Rag Company Home Page
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