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2018 Accord Touring
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We recently purchased a 2018 Accord Touring 1.5 and love it. Fantastic car. The one thing that I knew about and will need to address someday is the 19 inch wheels. Yes, they are absolutely gorgeous and ride fine on most roads, but for instance there is a pothole near my house and I went over it and my coffee (20 oz in a 32 oz cup, no top) went flying all over the front seats.

I'm NOT looking for any performance/handling or even MPG experiences. What I'm looking for is whether or not its a better ride or at least helps with the bumps. My 2012 Leaf with 16 inch wheels has no issues going over those potholes.

Believe it or not, but I actually like getting the cheap Walmart tires and have them on both my Leaf and Accord and getting 17s would make them very inexpensive as well.

It seems like there's no issues with the brakes for what I've read and a lot of people have mentioned "downsizing", but are there people that have done it? Would you recommend it for comfort reasons?
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