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I'm not normally one to immediately go out and start modding my Accord or any car for that matter. However, recently during my drives around town, my headlights just weren't cutting it. Of course, being halogen lights, the range of light and visibility was nothing close to acceptable for me (especially driving to or from Dallas at night). So instead of just going with a brighter halogen (i.e. Sylvania Silverstar, etc), I opted for a little cruise through Amazon and came across this plug and play set of LED lights from Fahren LED Lighting.

Considering they were only $35 after free shipping to the local Amazon locker, I was curious but skeptical (for being so inexpensive). Little did I know what a HUGE difference they would make.

I do highly recommend these as they are not only easy to install, but also come with an alan key, spare o-rings and are already hard wired to plug into the factory H11 sockets!


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