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Hello everyone,

I have a 2007 Honda Accord LX 4-cyl automatic (56k miles on it) and it drives amazing except for two things. Not sure if these are issues or just normal 4-cyl Accord things.

- When driving at low speeds 30-40mph, after I stop accelerating and then accelerate again, I'll feel a low rumble/vibration until I pick up speed and it switches gears. This can happen at 20-30mph. Sometimes when I try to maintain my speed at 35 or 40mph, i'll get a low rumble/vibration until I pick up more speed. It's sort of random but I do know that it happens at low speeds. Also, it takes almost 2 seconds (maybe 1.5 seconds?) to change from 1st to 2nd gear, from a complete stop to accelerating, and it's like a little struggle.

- Another problem, at low speeds I'll hear a faint whining noise, kind of hard to hear. It happens when I accelerate at low speeds and when I'm coming to a stop. Sounds like an electric engine or something.

Stuff I changed recently,

- Serpentine belt (Dayco brand), arrow was to the right of the notch and so I replaced the belt. The arrow is now at the middle mark of the notch.
- Engine air filter
- Cabin air filter
- Drained/filled with Honda DW-1 ATF
- Cleaned throttle body and maf sensor

It's not the tires as I had them rotated, balanced, and checked.

Anyone got any ideas? or am I just overthinking it?
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