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2015 Accord Coupe, V6/6 manual, 118,000 miles

This past weekend it got to -10 F here, car started and ran fine Friday and Sunday. Monday morning I started it and all the warning lights appeared, but the car drove fine, I wasn't in limp mode.

Tried "wait 20 minutes", nothing.

Cleaned recurring corrosion from positive battery terminal, nothing.

Went and bought a new battery today, as that seemed to be the consensus fix here and the rest of the Internet. My battery is only 2~ years old, but I coulda got a bad one, no?

Returning from the store I noticed my compass display was missing (from the battery pull during cleaning? I dunno). Figured out how to fix that and now the warning lights are out and the car functions as normal. 120 mile drive to visit Jr. (with the new battery in the trunk along with a 10 mm socket and wrench, just in case) and she's still fine, so I'm calling it "fixed".

How to fix the compass display:
  • Start the car
  • Press and hold the radio's Power, Disp, and Back buttons, wait for the "Select Diagnosis Items" menu to appear (2 or 3 seconds)
  • Turn your right-side (Menu/Sel) knob to the right and highlight the top (of two) menus, "Self-Diagnosis Mode".
  • Press the right-side knob, the diags will run for 10 or so seconds then you'll see "Press any icon if you want to see details".
  • Turn the right-side knob again, this time highlight "Compass", and press the knob again.
  • It will say "Connection OK" in about 1 second.
  • Press the right-side knob 3 times (Return, Return, Return), and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps someone.
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