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I have some wonderful news for 9th generation Accord owners with navigation!

I just beta tested—and fell in love—with a new product that overrides all the motion-blocked commands in the Honda user interface. The company that makes this navigation enhancement module is called Prestigious Society, Inc.;, or email, [email protected]. They are also on Facebook. The company has been making navigation/DVD bypass and other devices for Toyota, Lexus, Infinity and Nissan for several years. This is their first product for Honda/Acura. I was told that details on availability and price will be posted very soon.

With the navigation enhancement unit installed, the car has all UI functions available as if it were parked. This includes all the options that are greyed out for navigation, telephone, audio and settings. You can enter or change a destination using the full address book, previous destination list or the keypad, browse your phone book, manually dial a phone number, look up and enter stored POIs, and more. And all this without having to fight with the finicky voice command system!

I bought one of their Toyota navigation enhancement units for my 2010 Prius that worked flawlessly for the four years I owned it. It was a Godsend. I inquired about a Honda product when I got my new Accord Hybrid Touring and subsequently agreed to be a beta tester. I have no stake in this company whatsoever. I live in Atlanta and the company is in California. I am an end user pure and simple.

Installation of the pre-production unit was not difficult. Good, because I am not a mechanic or technician of any sort. It took maybe 30 minutes, (going very slowly) to remove the trim pieces, loosen the head unit, install the wiring harness and module and reinstall anything that was removed. The illustrated directions were excellent. It is completely plug-and-play—no cutting or splicing of wires. I tested every screen and function that is affected by the motion lockout. The unit permitted identical access to all programming functions while moving as if the car were stopped.

I don’t know yet how much it will cost. The PS web site may be helpful in determining the range of prices they charge for current products. If you struggle with the intrusive and illogical Honda UI as I have, installing one of these will make the car nearly perfect.
This reads like an advertisement. You sure you don't work for this company or affiliated?

Got any pictures of the product installed for the Accord? Yeah, of course not.

Beta tester in Atlanta even though the company is located in California?

Sounds fishy.
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