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Hey all,
So i posted on here a little ago b/c i had to take my double din audio attachment bezel off to replace a bad resistor for my HU. The audio attachment comes with a POS trim piece that i could barely get on when i first installed it. Last week after i fixed the reisitor i could not get it back under the bezel around the HU so there was gaps on each side of the HU as many of you may know. I was searching online for a fix to fill the gaps and couldnt find any. I ordered a scoche trim piece for a honda civic but the trim piece was too thick up top to fit under the bezel, making it impossible for the bezel to snap in up top. So i figured dang, i may have to live with the gap on each side, until i did more searching.
I found this trim piece on some other forum for honda. And it fits perfectly, so for all of you who have the gaps on the sides with the Honda Audio attachment you should buy this. It was $8.50 on ebay. The reason it fits is b/c the top and bottom of the trim piece and very thin making it able to slide in between the HU and bezel without removing it. It slips right in and holds tightly

American International FMK522 Double Din mounting kit. Its actually made for ford/lincoln/mazda/mercury

Anyways hope this solved some eyesore problems with a simple fix!!!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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