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Front brake upper slider pin "rubber bush" sleeve was swollen (w/ PICS)

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So I took my brakes off in order to paint the calipers and brackets. When I removed the upper slider pins on my front brake brackets, I noticed it took a lot of effort.

Loyal readers will know :paranoid: that I did a complete brake job just 5 months ago. I cleaned and re-lubed the slider pins at that time- using Permatex Ceramic Extreme Brake Lubricant (Purple can), I reinserted everything and it all worked fine.

But when I pulled them today I noticed that the little "rubber bush" (item #9 in the part's link below) that attaches to the end of the front brake's upper slider pins was swollen, so they would not come out easily nor could I slide the upper pin back in easily.

Look at part #9

The front brake's upper slider pin with old (above) and new (below the slider pin) rubber bush:

Old and swollen (on the left) vs. New and original size (on the right)

I picked up two new little rubber bush sleeves and could instantly tell that the swollen old ones were restricting movement.

I know rubber can swell up and expand over time, and more rapidly if you use the wrong type of brake lubricant. I am not knocking the Permatex stuff (those little rubber bush things and rubber boots are original to the car- now 8 years old) but decided to use good old Sil-Glyde (NAPA carries it, so does Advance Auto, O'Rielly's, all the usual suspects) on the upper pins with the new little rubber bush things. They slid in very easily....

Anyhow, next time you do your brakes, look at those little rubber bush sleeves and determine if they are swollen. I replaced them and all four swollen boots- the whole front set was just $7.99 at O'Reilly's Auto parts (PART NUMBER 13521Q and it includes new shims- such a deal!). Look at how the original ones swelled up in 8 years!
Old ones on top (like a prize-fighter that should have retired long ago :():

Now I have happy brakes:
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Nice to know, and something I will have to check when I do the front brakes. I had to order a bottle of the silicone paste because no stores seem to have it in stock.
However, after thinking about this, could the difference between the two be, at least in part, due to OEM vs OReilly (aftermarket) parts?
So you think it was the purple stuff, the age of the bushings, or both that made them swell up?
This is what I use on the Honda brakes slide pins. It works great on the rubber run channels for the windows too.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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