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I finally fixed the front power socket that was not working for the last 3-4 months.

Long story short first check 7.5A fuse No. 18 (Honda service manual page 22-379). If that fuse is fine then do yourself a favour, skip some stupid steps in the manual that involve ripping your center console panel, and go directly to 15A fuse No. 23. If it's blown, like mine was, replace it and voila, your power socket is as good as new again.

This is coming after spending 2 hours carefully ripping my center console trim of the car, reading the service manual one step at a time. After carefully taking it off, I read the next line that said:
"If there is no voltage between the front power socket terminal 1 and the ground, then check fuse 23!!!" :headbash:

Why, why Honda service manual , why don't you just say "Check these two fuses and if they are OK, then start ripping off your center console" I don't understand... If 99% of the time it's a blown fuse, then just tell people to check these two fuses and then if this doesn't work, then start instructing people to remove trim pieces. On the bright side I now know how to take off the center lower console trim :(

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