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Front Wheel bearing replacement video How To DIY without a hydraulic press. Hand tools only

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Here's a (long) video I created on how to do this job yourself with hand tools. This is the Youtube link below:

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Job is not too bad - the diagnosis was the trouble on this repair for my car.
It's a long video. Please feel free to fast fwd over slower real time parts.
For suspension work, I've only done a couple Toyota ball joints on a Supra and ball joint and tie rod on a Tacoma before this, so I'm pretty new to all this.
To all the naysayers in the online world - it's no trouble at all, quite easy - to press in and out your own bearing at your own garage. I would not bother taking it to a machine shop and I found it rewarding to do.
(three times I did bearings now- that part not so much. The typical turn steering wheel left indicates bad passenger bearing was the wrong diagnosis for my car... so I replaced passenger bearing twice, then did the driver side bearing which finally shut up my roaring front end).
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Well done.

Yeah I am a naysayer,

Next time I get this issue I am buying a complete knuckle with a ball joint and bearing already installed.

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