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what - Up for sale is a Newly Factory Refurbished Beltronics STi-R Plus custom installed radar detector which just came back from Beltronics USA. This unit was on my car but I am selling the vehicle and moving out of the country on some work. I hate to see it go, but I want to give it a new home. If anyone knows me, they know that I take absolute immaculate care of my equipment.

condition - This unit is a 2011 unit that was professionally removed from my car. I sent it back to the factory to have it calibrated, upgraded to the newest software, replace the plastic cosmetic pieces, and also have it tested with all of the hardware powered up. I have paperwork to attest to this work as well, which is included.

This unit is the absolute best radar detector you can get for the money. This unit beats all other units out there due to 3 main features. The ability to segment Ka-band and turn off RDR (Radar detector rejection). This allows you to limit the sweeps on the Ka-band radar to just the guns that are utilized in the USA. This improves sensitivity and range not only on Instant-On radar, but also Constant On radar. It is also completely undetectable by Spectre III, IV, and IV+. So you can drive with it turned on in Canadian Provinces, Military bases, and Virginia without any issues. You will not be disappointed with this unit at all. I have all of the hardware included for the unit minus the Radio mute cable.

As a bonus, I am throwing in the laser shifter bundle that came with the unit. It is basically 2 shifters for the front, and 1 long shifter for the rear plate. While these shifters aren't the best on the market anymore, they perform very respectably and you get them for free at this price!

The pieces are all color coded and are pretty much plug and play. The unit needs to be professionally installed, however if you are so inclined it's not terribly difficult to do so. The cables are all extra long and will work great.

The paperwork from the Beltronics Tech is a bit sloppy due to the handwritten notes, however here is what it states:

"Update Software on Receiver. Repaired Antenna, Replaced Front Cable, Plastic and 13ft Harness. Tested with Complete System OK. Steve 2/11/14"

price - The unit with laser shifter bundle retails for $1200, so this is a good price. For $830, I will ship it Priority Mail to the continental USA 48 states with tracking. I can offer up shipping international at cost to the buyer as well.

location - Philadelphia, PA

required pic(s) - Done.

I can take additional pictures if anyone needs, please feel free to PM me or post questions. I can provide contact info if needed and prefer Paypal to verified buyers only.

Here is what you might need to complete this install:

1. Outdoor quality Double Sided sticky tape for the rear laser shifter
2. A couple of self tapping screws to mount the radar receiver to the bumper.

Here are some pictures

paperwork from Beltronics USA

STi-R Plus Interface

Radar Receiver (Brand new plastic and cabling from Factory)

Display & Control Buttons (Brand new plastic and new rear sticky tape)

Amplified Speaker

GPS Magnet Mount Antenna

USB Cable Module & Bi Color Concealed Alert LED

Front Laser Shifters (Free Bonus)

Front Shifters Closeup Shot

Rear License Plate Laser Shifter (Free Bonus)

Front Shifters & Radar Receiver Mounting Hardware
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