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1. OEM Steering Wheel with cruise and radio controls. The controls work perfectly. Wheel is in mint condition as I had a cover on it. Silver trim has a couple scratches as shown in the picture. Purchased a leather wheel so no longer need this one.

$40 plus shipping
ImageUploadedByAG Free1435693197.062842.jpg ImageUploadedByAG Free1435693209.285886.jpg ImageUploadedByAG Free1435693219.740939.jpg

2. OEM turn signal/head light switch
For 11-12 models with auto headlights. Great if you bought an auto headlight kit and want an oem switch.

$20 plus shipping
ImageUploadedByAG Free1435693297.497254.jpg

3. OEM Foglight for V6 models. Lens is cracked but Foglight still works. I think lens can be replaced. Bulb not included.

$60 plus shipping
ImageUploadedByAG Free1435693405.682570.jpg ImageUploadedByAG Free1435693415.118376.jpg

4. OEM tail lights in excellent condition. No scratches. Just looking to get LED tails.

$40 each or $70 for the pair, again OBO.

ImageUploadedByAG Free1435700358.390335.jpg ImageUploadedByAG Free1435700370.976808.jpg

ALL prices are OBO. Shoot me an offer, no heart feelings if it's low.
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