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Just a small afternoon project to free up a power socket and tidy up my c0ckpit a bit. Also works with a radar detector power cord, phone charger, etc.

  • 12v Power Socket. I used this one because it has two sockets and wires already attached, but you can probably find one for a buck or two at a junkyard.
  • Fuse Tapper (Bussman Add-A-Fuse). I got mine from Autozone.

Here's where I have my GPS mounted. Doesn't obstruct my view at all, and blends in nicely with the rest of the dash! Thread the cord through the side of the steering column. My cord has a traffic radio receiver on it, and that fit right behind the steering wheel. It helps if you lower the steering wheel all the way first.

(I like my GPS vertical, since roads are longer than they are wide...don't know why so many people use them landscape.)

This is the power socket I bought. It came with mounting screws, but the whole assembly fits pretty snugly in a little niche behind the plastic trim below the steering wheel so I didn't use them.

The Add-A-Fuse fuse tapper. Since it was written nowhere on the packaging, here's a tip: original fuse goes in the slot closer to the leads, tapped fuse goes on the one further away. I decided to use the 7.5A front wiper fuse spot, so my GPS only turns on when I turn the power on. If you want it to turn on with accessories, look in the owner's manual and the fuse diagram on the lower kick panel to find something to tap into.
The original 7.5A compact fuse that came with the car didn't fit in the Add-A-Fuse, so I had to use another one. I used a 5A for the GPS, should be plenty, even if I decide to use the second socket sometime. Red line on the tapper was crimped onto the red line of the socket.

Last step was grounding the black wire. I found the grounding bolt (the red one) wayyy back on the left behind a couple thick cables...I considered using the closer one on the left of the picture, but it didn't look like it was attached to any metal. The ground bolt was a pain in the butt to get to, and an even bigger pain in the butt to get back without the spade connector falling off.

Speaking of which, here's the spade connector I crimped to the black ground wire on the socket...would've used a ring connector but didn't have one big enough. Thus, screwing the bolt back without the connector falling off took some impressive acrobatics.

That's it! Just plug the fuse tapper into your preferred fuse, plug your accessory into the outlet, and hide the whole assembly somewhere behind the plastic trim. One more picture before I stuffed mine in:

And here's the finished product, working fine! :thumbsup:
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