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===== Prerequisites =====

First, everything in this post is entirely dependent on drowned12's AWESOME TechInfo rip. See the original post here: 1997 - 2017 Honda Accord TechInfo /Service Express Rip.... Drowned12, I literally cannot thank you enough. You saved me so much time and money, and the same goes for literally thousands of other people!

So, you're interested in accessing Electrical Wiring Diagrams/EWDs for a Honda/Acura vehicle, and you have drowned12's Firefox Portable browser (download is in his post, linked above). If you know the car's three-letter code, you may be able to get it with the following instructions.

===== Please Note =====

I am just an amateur! My instructions may be and my knowledge certainly is incomplete. So, if you have any insight (pun intended) – any tricks, what worked, what didn't work – please contribute to this discussion!

===== General Instructions =====

Step 1: Find Your Three-Letter Code

Now, again, I am a beginner when it comes to this stuff, so here's one method I've found to get your three-letter code. If someone knows of an easier one, please let me know!

1) Go to Honda eStore store: Select your vehicle to shop for Honda Parts (Honda) or Acura online store: Select your vehicle to shop for Acura Parts (Acura), depending on the vehicle of interest.
2) Look for a part or group of parts unique to that model. A good example might be the instrument panel assembly, dash kits, etc., whereas a bad example might be parts shared among vehicles like lights, switches, knobs, etc.
3) Once you're on the page with the part or set of parts (I prefer set of parts for the sake of cross-comparison), find the car's three-letter code, which seems to usually be the middle group of the part number. E.g. 61300-TZ3-A00 = Code TZ3

Step 2: Plug n' Play Link

Plug in the year and three-letter code to the following link where appropriate:[YEAR]_KA_KC_KX_[THREE-LETTER CODE]&p=SM&t=2&model=WHATEVER&year=WHATEVER&trim=&keyword=&path=&dbkey=A61[THREE-LETTER CODE]HEM&country=1&lang=0


2019 TLX (code TZ3):

2019 RDX (code TJB):

===== Conclusion =====

Again, you have to be using the Firefox Portable browser provided by drowned12 (thanks a million for everything!; link to his post is above). I'm not sure how long this pattern will work, and also am not sure if it does fully work (Honda might find a way to easily patch it?), but just thought I'd share a neat thing that I found in case 1) it wasn't shared already and 2) someone else can possibly benefit from and/or expand on it.

I hope it works and is useful to some of you!
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