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I'm trying to put halos in my 09 lxs coupe and i was wondering what size to get. I see many people did this but I cant find a clear answer as to what size they used. I want them around my low beams and around my high beams. Im planning on taking out the orange reflectors during this and blacking it out as dark as i can using night shade. Also, painting the housing black with plastidip i guess? or some sort of paint because I dont like how flat plastidip looks after a few months.
SO my question is what size do I need for 09 coupe low beam and high beam halo rings? I emailed retro solutions and they said "sorry at this time we dont have individual sizing on every vehicle".
Also, Ive never opened my head lights before but I have opened phone screens using a heat gun should i expect the same? Unfortunately I dont have an oven that i can stick my head lights into.
Finally, what brand hid bulbs should i put. Right now im running 55W ddm tuning 6000k low beams and they're horrible. They're not bright as others i've seen. does a slight better job than stock bulbs. Im thinking of getting xenon depot 5000k 55w bulbs and keeping the same kit from ddm.
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