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I am trying to get a Automatic 2004 accord lx coupe 3.0L started. The car has been sitting for over a year. When I tried to jump off the car I was unable to get it started. I turned the key twice getting the motor to turn over and almost start on both attempts. On the third attempt when I turned the key the motor did not turn over. The car instead made a winding sound. The sound seemed like it was coming from the starter. The winding sound stopped as soon as I stopped turning the key. I then unplugged the jumper cables from the battery and checked fuses to see if any where bad, but every fuses seemed to be fine. I then attempted to reconnect the jumper cables. as soon as i connected the cables to the battery there was a spark and the winding sound starter immediately without the key being in the ignition. I disconnected the cables again quickly. To me the sound was coming from the starter, so i decided to disconnect the cable running directly from the battery the to starter to see if there was a winding sound when i reconnected the jumper cables to the battery. When i reconnect the jumper cables there was no spark and there was no winding sound.

It went from no winding sound and almost starting
to not turning over and making a winding sound when turning the key
to making the winding sound as soon as jumper cables where connected to the battery

My question is could this just be a simple starter problem or could it be something else with a relay, switch, or battery. I have basic to very little car knowledge and this was what I was able to conclude from my very limited and uneducated troubleshooting lol. I do not have a meter to test volts on anything so I am unable to give that info. Does anyone else have any ideas or is it the starter as i suspect?

Thank you for your time!
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