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help?? DIY car alarm install

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Hello community, this is my first post, I just bought my 1999 accord ex sedan this past weekend and was hoping I could find some help. This is the my first car out of 3 that I have wanted to truly make my own and personalize which has lead me to sounds sytems, alarms etc.

Now I have a Code Alarm 6551(2 way security/keyless entry/remote start) purchased and on the way. I am hoping someone may be able to guide me or at least point me in the right direction towards doing a self installation...I'd rather not have to pay the 300 dollars professional installers want. I was thinking if anything I can at least do the security/keyless entry myself one day and then worry about the remote start another day.

Anyone got any experience with this?:dunno:
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Use this and only use the wires you need

1999 Honda Accord Alarm, Remote Starter, Keyless Entry Wiring Information
Constant 12V+ White Ignition Switch Harness
Starter Black/White Cut after Fuse Panel, not at Ignition Switch
Ignition Black/Yellow Ignition Switch Harness
Ignition 3 White/Black Power this or ABS Light on Remote Starter
Accessory Yellow Ignition Switch Harness
Tach Blue Distributor
Brake Switch Green/White Brake Switch
Trunk Release White/Red (+) Driver's Kick Panel
Trunk Pin Orange/Silver Dots Driver's Fuse Panel in A 2 Pin Connector
Parking Lights Red/Black (+) Connector at Fuse Panel Driver's Side
Head Lamp Blue/Red (-) Steering Column
Factory Disarm w/Locks On EX Model
Door Trigger Black/White (-) Passenger's Fuse Panel Green 4 Pin Connector
Door Lock Black/Blue (-) On Passenger's Side, Light Green Connector
Door Unlock Orange (-)
Driver's Lock White/Red Driver's Fuse Panel
Driver's Unlock Yellow (EX) Or Green/Red on(LX) Model Fuse Panel
Passenger Unlock Green/Red With Power Lock Wires
Horn Wire Green/Blue (-) Green 4 Pin Connector Passenger's Side Fuse Panel
Windows Up LF=Red/Yellow, RF=Blue/White, LR=Red/Yellow, RR=Red/Yellow
Windows Down LF=Red/Blue, RF=Blue/Yellow, LR=Red/Blue, RR=Red/Blue
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If your not gonna do the remote start part right now then your good.
Just hook up the keyless entry and alarm part. If you decide to do the remote start part of the alarm then yes, you will need a module to bypass the chip part of your key.
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