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Tires should not go bad in just 17K miles. Only the Acura NSX ate tires that quickly.

Try something as simple as changing the tire pressure you use; may bring noise down -- pressures that are too low or too high, each produce a unique type of loudness. I prefer to keep mine on the high end.

Keep in mind that Hondas are inherently louder cars than most other brands. Just have to deal with the perceived noise.

The V rating is a speed rating, not a quietness rating. Yes, stickier (softer) rubber will likely be quieter, but that comes with lower tread life. At around a thousand bucks for a set of tires today, I am okay dealing with noise compared to getting new tires more frequently. Those Primacy MXM tires can be had in a 550 treadwear rating. That is over 5 times the tread life of a 100 treadwear rating tire. Check the treadwear rating on the tires you want to buy, and do the math for your own driving patterns knowing that softer rubber rubber lasts for fewer miles.
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