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According to the class action lawsuit, Honda said in April 2018 it was investigating consumer complaints about the Sensing systems, telling dealerships:

“American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (AHM) is investigating certain 2017-2018 CR-Vs with a customer complaint of various warning lights such as the brake system, lane departure, ACC & forward collision warning illuminated on the dash with the DTC P2583-76 (Temporary stop of Integrated Driver System Misalignment Millimeter Wave Radar) stored.”

Honda has allegedly failed to create a real repair for the problem other than telling dealerships to clear trouble codes that indicate defects in the systems. The plaintiff claims the automaker continues to conceal the defects from both current and potential customers, all allegedly to continue making money from vehicles too dangerous to drive.
Here's a document outlining the allegations/case:

The NTBS is cited with their report and findings of these systems and their potential faults:
...The National Transportation Safety Board released a special investigation report in 2015—prior to the release of Honda Sensing— analyzing the use of autonomous braking systems.
40. As the report stated, autonomous braking systems are to activate “only in critical situations.”
41. The report also found that such collision avoidance systems “depend heavily on the accuracy and timeliness of detection, which relies on the quality of the installed sensor, camera, or vision algorithm detecting targets.”
42. Among the potential problems identified in the report was the possibility of “false alarms,” defined as “the detection of a conflict when none is present,” similar to the Defect.
43. Other automotive manufacturers, such as Toyota and Ford, have experienced similar errors in their computerized driver-assisting safety systems, but those manufacturers initiated recalls to repair those defects due to the “risk of a crash” associated with “unexpected braking.”
44. Honda has not initiated a recall of the Class Vehicles due to the Defect.

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The award for poor writing, spelling and editing goes to " | Car Problems, Car Complaints, & Repair/Recall Information"

That said, I've had false warnings on various occasions - about 1 / month. I've never had the brakes applied. Hope that continues... usually it's on pretty smooth roads and before passing under a traffic sign about 50 - 100 m ahead. I'd attribute it to sidelobes of the radar hitting the smooth pavement and then the reflection hitting the sign and coming back on the same path. (From my radar days...). But I don't know if the camera system is also used for this function and what could cause a false positive (reflections, glare ...?).

My interpretation is that it has a narrow range of effectiveness and thus to be sensitive enough to apply in the case of danger, then it may be too sensitive for some normal driving conditions.
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