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Honda Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Just curious...the survey that Honda sends you after you buy the car (to rate your purchasing experience with the dealership) did everyone receive this? Was it through regular mail? Email? A phone call?

The reason I'm asking is that I got an email that looks like it's from Honda Corporate but I'm suspicious about clicking the hyperlink within the email. It mentions the dealership where I bought my Accord but it doesn't say what car model I bought, the VIN, or anything else like that.

When I mouse over the hyperlink without clicking it, it points to a web address for some company named "elabs6" but it also looks like it's just the web address of an email server...weird. I've always received these survey through the mail. It says if I have questions, I can email [email protected]. Maybe that's a third party that does the surveys for Honda? :dunno:
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phone call then a follow up email. Don't remember if there was a link.
My first job was with a company that was contracted by GM, Toyota, and Mazda.

I am not surprise if they are outsourced. I know I have received a phone survey with my most recent Accord and '11 Pilot. I can't remember if I had a online/print survey with my '11.
I got the email and 3 more since as well as a phone call about my dealer experience. It's normal.
I got an automated email from the dealer asking me "are you completely satisfied with your purchase experience?" If you select "yes", you're forwarded to an online review system where they can share your experience with the public. If you select "no", you're forwarded to a survey (that no one reads). At the end of the survey you're given a 1-800 number that you're asked to call if you weren't completely happy with the purchase experience. Pretty lame if you ask me. I would think if I went to the trouble to complete a survey, sharing my bad experience, they would want to reach out to me to find out how they could improve. It's been three weeks and no follow-up from Honda or the dealership.
Thanks everybody. I decided to click the link today and it was, in fact, the Honda survey. I guess things have changed since I last bought a car in 2003!
I have replied twice and called American Honda to let them know that I was unable to get past number 7, Rejecter. No one seems to be able to correct this situation or access what I have accomplished.
I am a Honda devotee and am very disappointed in this lack of ability to follow through and correct this situation.
Allan Gair
I've actually had two separate survey requests. The first is to rate the dealer and purchase experience. But if you are registered at Honda's Ownerlink web site, you may also get a second link several weeks later to actually rate the car itself in detail. And if you financed through Honda, you may get yet a third.

I actually do these as I know the sales folks and dealer employees evaluations are based in part on customer survey responses. Plus it's not like I'm buying a car every week, so these are few and far between. And I'd hope Honda does actually use the car survey data in their design decisions.

But I do have to say, I've gotten really sick of being bombarded with surveys - every friggin purchase in Amazon or anywhere online seems to trigger one, not to mention any place you actually get any kind of service from. I honestly ignore the vast majority of them. If I didn't, I'd spend a day or two a week just filling out surveys and "satisfaction" reviews. Since when is it so necessary to document that people are simply doing there actual jobs well? You'll know when they screw up, so inbetween actual complaints just assume they did a pefectly fine job.

P.s. The vehicle survey email was from Honda Parts, Service, Technical, Export and Auto Operations division but the survey itself is being done by J.D. Powers.
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I got a survey from Honda via email. It asked if I was the primary driver which I'm not (I do drive it about 40% of the time) and I answered no. After that answer I was not allowed to take the survey or retake. I got a survey from Strategic Vision 3X which I won't bother with.
I received a phone call and I told them I didn't want to do a survey over the phone because I wanted time to consider the questions, so they mailed it to me.
Is it me or when you take those surveys you can think back and say to yourself, oh yeah they were covering the bases. It's like the sales folks are covering a checklist and not much else because the surveys mean everything to them. It's almost at the point now with all of these surveys that people say all of the right things but they really don't mean it, they are just robots talking boiler plate.
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