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13 Accord Coupe, EXL Couple, Manual

Wondering if anyone is having any issues with their Honda Link. Last Saturday the screen told me that the "Audio Power Is Now Off", but the radio was still playing. I was driving at the time, didnt touch it until I got home and everything seemed fine after that. This morning the system decided it was making a phone call. I have a 5S Iphone, never an issue before. It didnt make a call that connected but the IMID said I was on a call and the audio was disabled. I was just starting a drive to work, pulled over, shut the car off, waited a minute and fired it back up again. Was OK for a couple of minutes then the same thing happened again. I Still could not hang up and a call was not initiated. I pushed the power button on my phone and it finally hung up. I have also started having issues where when I try to change the source, typically from XM to AM, the AM part of the radio will not function unless I power the car down and re fire it.

I am thinking something is going bad with the software. Its due for a 1B oil change soon, thought I could have this looked at under warranty then but I may not be able to wait.

Anyone else have similar issues? No mods or anything like that except to turn off the ANC.

Thanks in advance.
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