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Hello everyone. We are Honda Motorsports Alabama and we are building a 9th gen Honda Accord to race in the 2015 Pirelli World Challenge series.

This is how our car started out when we got it.

From there it was time to take out all the nice HFP interior and start the build.

We are working with Megan Racing on the suspension and they were nice enough to send a set of coilovers for test fitting:[/url]


Then it came time to install the aero catches for the hood:

Followed by some minor hood weight reduction:

We pulled the doors off and cut them back a little bit as well:

Then we made a neat hood prop:

Followed by pulling the interior to get it ready for the cage builder:

Dash removal.. never very fun.

Pieces of the dash

Getting there:

Interior out:

Windshield out as well:

You can see our other accord in the background of this one:

Installed the dash beam to get it to the Kirk Racing for the cage build

Got some parts in from HPD

Nice tow straps

Required HPD Stop Tech Brakes:

AAAAAANNNNDDDDD off to the Kirk Racing for the cage:

Our friends at Spec sent us some goodies

Back from the cage builder:

But them gussets tho...

Tied into the B Pillar:

More Cage detail:

Sound deadening removed and everything nice and clean:

Clearancing the dash for the roll cage.

Dash test fit:

Then we had to get rid of some stuff we aren't going to use but want to keep the facade.


No more

Getting ready to paint the cage

Taping off:

It's hiding

Then we sent the dash beam through e-coat and paint

While waiting we were excited to see our name on Pirelli World Challenge website

More to come.

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We were going to have to build our own exhaust. In order to build up the bends and tubing we needed weld clamps so we took some intake clamps and welded them together so we could hold the tubes together and weld them.


Time to prime the cage:

Mark was excited:

This is a tough job:

All primed:

Time for paint!

Painting the Sunroof panel:

All done!

Then we got a shipment of PWC-101 from vp racing fuels:

Installed the sunroof panel.

Car is getting there!


No one likes wiring...

Hanging the pedals and harness:

For safety reasons we had to grind down the steering lock

Installed a Sparco seat base

Build is in full swing:

Building up the parts of the dash

Installed the Injen Intake

Tanner is taping up some harnesses:

Michael G installing the HPD Stoptech brakes:

They look great!

Pretty face:

Routing the harness:

Tow straps installed:

Kill switch installed:

Hondata sent us a flashed ecu

Mounting the seat to the seat base:

Time for longer studs:

We go through a lot of zipties....

Harness all tied out of the way.

Safelite came to put a new window in for us:

"I've never put a window in a race car before."

PWC Requires a fuel sample port so they can test to make sure you are running only their fuel:

Tanner showing us how easy it is to pull a fuel sample:

Hondata ecu installed:

Studs installed:

Dash in:

Our friends at RV6 send us a picture of them getting our PCDs and J-Pipe ready

Installed our center net strap. Through the CD slot:

We no longer have gps so we made it look neat.


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Josh building up the steering column:

IP to Cage fitment

Installing our race keeper.

Seat test fit:

Extinguisher button:

Michael G working on kill switch

Rear trunk latches:

Rear tow strap:

RV6 goodies:

We talked with a canadian team that runs a 9th gen accord about their suspension set up and fed that back to Megan Racing and they sent us a custom set up to match the dampers with the spring rates we requested. Even used Swift springs!

Exhaust fabrication with parts from Vibrant Performance!

Fun looking table

RV6 components installed:

Measure twice cut and weld once:

We like V-Bands!!


Getting there:


To the Axle:

We got a new hoist installed in front of our tire machine

Caution light, extinguisher, and kill switch:

Caution light box

Alignment and corner balance with our rough cut splitter:

Radio installed:

Race keeper video camera and caution light antenna

Car is getting there:

Black wheels for now.

Weld on quick release:

Held in place with a bolt to keep it from moving while welding:

All welded:


Sticker pack in

Window net in:

In sunlight:

I'm sure we are leaving stuff out.

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:eek: not worthy! Subscribed!!!

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Subscribed! Absolutely beautiful work going on here. I am especially drooling over those HPD Stoptech brakes.

Please keep us updated with your progress! :notworthy

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We took a video of the car without a muffler. I thought you guys may like to hear it:

Here is another image of the sfi foam and window net installed:

This is Matt... he does stuff.

Rolling up the extra belts

Fire suppression system installed

Now here is what we got done today.

Steve has been working on the front splitter and it's just about done now.

We got our stickers in today. Paul likes stickers.

Michael and Karl started mounting our Pirelli slicks to our Enkei RPF1s

Josh is in the process of finishing up the exhaust. Two more welds and two hangers and it's ready to go.

We are making progress.

Again don't forget to check out our facebook page at to see more pictures of our 9th Gen and other projects.

Some of our other cars:


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Very cool build! I've been following you guys on Facebook.

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We got a bit more done tonight.

We found out that our minimum weight required by PWC rules will be 3300 lbs. We weighed in at 3050 so we had to add some weight to meet regulations. To do this we picked up some flat plate.

Matt cutting the pieces down to size:

Michael and Karl mounting some tires:

Close up view of our splitter made from birch plywood.

As you may remember some time ago we added the Aero catch latches to the bonnet of our PWC Accord and at that time we cut a lot of the inside out of the bonnet to save weight and we also removed the hood shocks .
It saved weight but made the bonnet not as strong and we then had to use a prop rod to prop the bonnet up.
Now that the car has to weigh 3300lbs instead of the expected 2880lbs with driver we figured we may as well use a full bonnet with the struts . So with that we have to install a set of Aero Catch latches on a second bonnet.

Josh finished up the exhaust on the accord with Michael's help. Just need to add a turn down.

And of course a quick rev clip:

Keep checking back, we work on the car every day and will do our best to keep you updated.

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Oddy in front of the Accord and Mustang FTW!!!

So much fun!
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