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Honda sensing

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Debris hit my Honda sensing radar. Knocked one screw off of the Mount.
LKAS working however cruise control doesn’t work at all. Collision system faulty alerts on. Took it to Honda, $1023 for repair.
I can stabilize the radar on the Mount but the radar calibration is impossible for me to do. They said the radar itself is fine.
I drive 50 miles to and from work, mostly freeway so I really prefer adaptive cruise control and want to repair. Just crossed 100K and did the 100K maintenance. Now this…
Thank you!
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Probably you can check a few dealers to compare the price; otherwise, nothing else unfortunately.

Is this covered by comprehensive coverage? I imagine yes — if you hit the stuff in the air not on the ground, it’s ‘natural’ lol, just like something cracks your windshield. Please consider getting a low deductible comprehensive coverage (normally this item is pretty cheap vs other insurance items).
If you can secure the radar unit you may find an independent shop who can do ADAS calibrations. Probably $200-$300.

Make sure that when secured you can still aim it using the two small (2.5mm?) aiming nuts. Otherwise the bracket may need to be replaced to allow aiming.

I struck a bird last year in the radar unit and thankfully it just jarred the plastic cover loose.
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