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How bad is my alignment? Your advice would be greatly appreciated

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My car has a minor rear end accident a while back.

Last week I got 4 new tires, today I took my car in for an alignment. The shop said all but the Left Rear adjusted fine; for the Left Rear, I needed a rear Camber, Toe, Caster kit installed for $340.

Based on the before and after alignment results, should I pony up $340 or live with this misalignment? $340 seems pretty steep if its only a minor tire wear problem.

Could some kind soul chime in for some expert advice? I would really appreciate your advice.

Attached are my adjustment results.

High res picture:


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my wife's 09 camry LE had a similiar issue with the camber on the front right, when it went in for new tires. She had a front end accident about 20,000 miles ago and it always pulled to the left. It was -2.0 degrees on the front right causing the pull to the left. In any case, Sears put a adjustable camber bolt on the lower bolt where the shock bolted on the bottom. This bolt had a lobe on the inside which pushed the whole assembly out and away from the car. Once the camber was correct the nut was torqued down and everything has been ok. However, in hindsight I think after her accident, they should've replaced the lower control arm. This is what is slightly bent I suspect. However I haven't had a chance to inspect this item. The bolt cost $30-40 and sears didn't charge me anything to put it in because they messed up the alignment to begin with. It pulls a lot less now, however the better thing to do is to just see if the lower control arm is bent.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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