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I am wondering if someone here knows how I can order a small plastic piece inside of the side mirror assembly that I broke by accident trying to put the mirror back on (cause I'm dumb) after trying to replace the skull cap. The broken piece meant the mirror wasn't secured properly and would shake at high speeds, also couldn't move it around to change the angle. I looked online and it seems you can only buy the entire assembly and not any of the inner pieces. I ended up buying the entire thing for $135 and replacing it entirely (along with $27 skull cap). I then took apart the broken side mirror completely and found that I could actually fix it, but need a replacement piece that doesn't seem to be possible to order online. I'll attach photos of what I mean. The only thing thats broken is the white gear with 5 prongs, 1 of the prongs broke off and now the shaft that attaches to the mirror can't stay centered. I thought the other one was broken too but it turned out to be ok once I re-inserted the metal ring that keeps the prongs from sticking out. Worst case scenario, I'll find a small plastic piece and try to plastic weld it back on, but would be easier to just get a new one. This is a super dumb, super specific repair that I can't imagine happens often, but worth a shot. The entire mirror is perfectly fine except for this one piece. If I could fix it, then I'd have a spare mirror worth $160. Would really hate to not be able to fix (properly at least). That said it was still fun to tear it completely apart and learn how it goes together. A lot easier when you don't care about breaking it lol.

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