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this is VERY simple and about a 1 out of 10 on the degree of skill level required

i have a 03 and got these out of a 04 EX so 03+ may have them, or possibly the LXs have the cloth ones

1. ever since i bought the car, 1 thing i hated was the purpleish Rear 6x9 Speaker Covers. they also had a stain that formed perfectly like size of the 6x9 cover and i didn't want to remove and clean since i thought it would be a much more tedious process

2. found a set of Grey color Plastic ones from a 04 EX and they fit exactly the same.

3. to remove, grab a set of pliers, open trunk and remove these 3 Tabs and the one blk one back side pictured above (push in first gripping on both sides then push up and out)

4. pop in new ones and all done!

pretty simple and if you've got the cloth covered ones or wanna paint them or just remove them, hope this helps
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