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HVAC and Radio Button Illumination

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Hey guys, on my accord, some buttons in the HVAC/Radio module have never been illuminated, for the longest time I thought this was normal (silly me) until I came upon a picture which shows them lit. I've never had a problem with the Radio LCD, it has always been working. I took the module apart (like 20 screws) until the circuit board was exposed and there are indeed bulbs in there covered by a blue rubber.

Are these replaceable? Is there something else to look for?

A pic below shows circled in yellow the areas which do NOT illuminate. This is a coupe shot, mine is a sedan so white illumination.


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They are replaceable.....

Here is the main diagram, but I don't know the bulb numbers.
Update on this: Turns out the bulbs(LEDs) are ok, these 03-04 radios are notorious for illumination issues, the illumination is controlled by the radio block board itself. I ordered a radio block from oemcaraudio on ebay since my cd changer was jammed, waiting for it to get here, hopefully fix two problems at once.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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