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Hi everyone.

This is probably the first post of many in what is going to turn into quite the ordeal. As the title suggests, I am going to attempt to import some mirrors and a front bumper (for front camera) from either Australia, Thailand, or Japan and see if I can get 360 camera, parking assist, and folding mirrors working on a US spec 10th Gen Accord.

I’m hoping this post can attract some people from these countries that might have access to parts and info I will need to make this a possibility.

After rooting around in the head unit, I am almost positive that the software for things like the parking assist and 360 camera are there and it’s just a matter of getting the proper units plugged into the back of it. Unfortunately the US tech info site lists all of these extra pins as unused.

So far I know I need the following:

Mirrors. Unsure if LaneWatch and BLIS coexist. This could be an issue. I noticed the Australian Accord had LaneWatch. This would likely be on the left (passenger) side there. I know I need the mirrors that have the power folding mechanisms as well as the cameras that do the side view in 360 mode.

Front bumper. I haven’t looked at my bumper up close, but I have no clue where the front camera even is on these cars that do have it.

Some sort of computer? This will be a hard one. Is there an existing computer in the car that handles the parking assist? I’m 99% sure the cameras feed into the Navigation Unit where the rear camera feeds in. Maybe it does the work.

Maybe wiring harnesses. I’m leaning towards Honda making as few variants as possible for their cars in order to make their supply chain easier.

Wiring diagrams for the Asian spec Accord.

Potentially someone who can order these parts for me at a dealer and ship them to me here in the US. I have family that travels to Thailand, but I feel that the language barrier could make things difficult, so I’m leaning more towards sourcing from Australia unless Thailand or Japan offers something that I can’t get in Australia.

Anyway this was just a quick post to spark conversation and gather feedback. For all I know one of you might know something that basically makes this attempt worthless.
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