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I purchased a 2014 Honda Accord EX-L (4-door, 4-cylinder) last week. This forum was a big help in making the decision - thanks!

While driving earlier today, my i-MID screen (along with many functions of the car) basically "froze" while playing music from the USB input - while I was driving. It would keep playing the song it was on, but I couldn't change the volume, display, change the song, change the source, etc - basically I couldn't do anything at all. The power button on the stereo wouldn't do anything either. So, I unplugged the USB device (a micro-SD card attached to a reader, if it matters), and the music obviously stopped. However, the stereo power button still didn't work, and I couldn't get any other sources to work (I tried FM, AM, Aha, Bluetooth, XM, etc) - both displays would change when I switched sources, but no music would come out of the stereo, and, in the case of FM/AM/XM, I was unable to even tune in a station. I was unable to connect successfully via Bluetooth (which I have used successfully on every car ride thus far).

Some other issues I noticed:

-The clock at the upper right corner of the top screen switched to display "0: 6" with the ":" flashing. It stayed like this until I turned the car off.
-The display-change button on the steering wheel didn't work - I was unable to switch to a different screen (like the fuel economy screen, clock, etc).
-The side view blind spot function (where the camera comes on with the right turn signal) did NOT work during the entire drive.
-The reverse camera also did NOT work.
-This behavior lasted for about 15 minutes until I arrived at my destination and turned the engine off.

This was very worrisome to me, since the car is only a week old, particularly since the two "camera" features are billed as "safety" features. It's one thing if the radio has an issue where it won't work while driving, but in my opinion, it's a MUCH more serious concern if any non-stereo features (particularly "safety features") suddenly don't work in the middle of a drive.

Once I parked my car (prior to turning off the engine), I took a video with my cell phone showing all this unusual behavior, particularly the two camera features not working when they're supposed to.

I turned the engine off, then started the car up again, and everything *seemed* OK. But, who knows if/when this problem will happen again...

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?

I have an appointment with my dealership to have them look at the car tomorrow morning, but I'm doubtful they'll be able to replicate the problem.

Should I pass this info (and/or the video of the problem) along to anyone at Honda? Anything in particular I should ask/tell the dealership?

I attached a picture of what the screen looked like while trying to switch to the FM radio. (I have some FM presets, so it should have shown them and tuned to a preset here.)



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