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I plan on goin VIP

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What up HT? Long time reader/visitor.

I have a 2010 EX-l Sedan and I plan on going VIP. I know, I know, it's not everyone's cup o' tea, but I love the aggressive look. I had a 97 Civic EJ8 coupe that was HellaFlush, but now it's time for an upgrade. I have has my 8G for a few years now, but it was mainly my wife's car. I have now taken over and I plan on puttin together a slow build. I just had a baby, so Mr. Back Burner has put me in a impatient state, but I love my daughter and I am ok with a slow build.

Here my plans, tell me what you guys think...


-Function & Form Type 1s or Type 2s
-Platinum VIP Air Cup Kit with Eibach Shortened CO Springs
-Camber Kits, I am still doing some research on them. I may not need them, but depends on how slammed I am and how aggressive of a wheel and tire combo I get. Any feedback or suggestions would be awesome.

Wheels & Tires:
-I want to go pretty aggressive
-19x10 (low offset -0 to -20) front & rear
-225/35/19 possibly GoodYears, but depends on what I can find

Body Work:
-Roll Fenders. I want to setup my wheel and tire combo to reduce the chance of having to pull.
-I am in search of the perfect lip kit. This is where you guys really come in to help. I don’t care for the Mugen set. I’m not a big fan of the look. I want something clean.
-2012 V6 front bumper with fog lights
-2012 V6 rear bumper for Dual Exhaust
-Trunk Lid Spoiler

I won’t be doing that many mods for performance, just the basics.
-Custom Injen Matte Black CAI from a buddy of mine at the R&D Dept at Injen
-Functional Dual Exhaust (Custom)

-Neck Pads
-Curtains ( I am not quite sure which brand I will be going with for the interior items, JP is too common for me, but we’ll see.)
-Wood Grain accent pieces
-Wood Grain Steering wheel (Nardi, Personel, MOMO or NRG) Most likely Nardi. My buddy has one for cheap I might pick up off of him.
-HUB & Quick Release
-Crosstour Leather Shift Knob

Tell me what you guys think… Good or bad, all opinions are welcome. Thank you guys for taking the time to read.
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Rethink the FF coils for a better brand. Type I does not have damper control which is less than ideal.
Camber kits available are mainly SPC, JPower, and Megan. SPC has a solid reputation, though no major issues have been reported for JP. Cheaper bushings can harden and squeak. To lower you WILL need a kit no question. Not so imperative up front.
A 0 offset or near that will not work. 20 is possible but you will need a roll and camber most likely.
Lip kit - you have the 08-10 Mugen or Modulo to choose from. Other kits will need to be imported and will cost you upwards of $5k. You have even fewer options with 11-12 bumpers.
if i do anything for my car, it would be to get some curtains for the windows. i occasionally will sleep in the car in order to save money while traveling.... been doing that for years.
He said he wanted VIP and that is part of the style, like it or not.
I agree with Doom for the most part. If you must go with FF, get the Type 2's at least.

Maybe it's a typo, but a 10" wide wheel with a 0 or a negative 20 offset won't work.

You must be in SoCal if you're having Platinum VIP do work on your car. If you really want to run 0 or even -20 offset wheels, Platinum VIP can do a custom wide body for you to make them fit. They do it all the time for Lexus'. They can even custom fab a body kit for your car. All you need is $$$.

Junction Produce might be common but they do look good if you want the VIP look. Aside from them, see what Mode Parfume, Anceltion, and Wald have to offer.

Do something like this. :thmsup:

or this

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Thanks guys for all the info. I feel welcomed. I love the look of the quilt panels on the seats, but that might be one of the last things I'd do with the car. I'm sticking to the basics for now to get my platform started. I've had a great experience with F&F type 1s & Type 2s. Sorry guys no type-os here. I really do like the ride and comfort of the F&Fs. The only real reason I'd consider the Type 1s is if I convert the coils to a higher rate Eibach springs. We'll see though. Any good pics of some VIP 8th Gen sedans would be cool. I know there aren't that many in the states. I know they're very common in Thailand (Thigh-land) per Alan (leader of the wolf pack) I just renewed my membership not too long ago. :lmao:
F&F are cheap, entry level coils. Everyone I know with them tries to convince themselves they are good but they know that Megans for a hundred or two more would have been infinitely better.
To really go VIP you need bags. Moreover, don't cheap out on things to have to redo them later on down the road.
...I like the overall VIP theme but within reason. It's not a cheap path to venture down.
Sorry Doom, but you are misinformed. Megan and FF are pretty similar. They're both bargain brand coilovers. Megan's would not be "infinitely better." The FF Type 2's are actually not too bad for the price and what they offer. I'd actually choose the Type 2's over the EZ's
Thanks "namegoeshere". Everyone has different opinions of course. I can respect that. Doom, have you ever rocked F&F? I'm just curious. I have driven on Type 1s for over a year with no prob on my old EK. I understand I haven't used them on an accord, but I have been a passenger of an A4 that was rollin on Type2s and it drove smooth. Every CO does have a stiffer ride than stock, but these have the perfect combo of both smooth and stiff. That was at its lowest setting for daily driving. I loved the near OEM feel the Type1s offered. I even sold them to a buddy of mine who tracks his EK. He's had no complaints. The reason I switched to Type2s on my EK was because I weigh almost 300 pounds and the Type1 spring rate wasn't enough for when I was slammed. I figured, $700 for some Type2s direct from F&F in pomona, I jumped all over it, plus my buddy wanted to buy some Type1s. It was a win win. Where I'm getting at is that I stick to what I know and I know F&F makes a damn good coilover.

As far as my setup not being cheap, I understand that. My EK was very spoiled for being, well, a Civic Coupe. Don't get me wrong, I loved that thing to death, but now its time to move up and spread my wings. She rocked more of the top end products. No Ebay crap ever touches my car except if it's a good deal on OEM parts. Not being cheap is the reason it will be a slow build.

Thanks again for the feedback guys. Keep it coming.

Hey Doom. Is that your actual accord as your avatar? That thing looks fresh from as much as I can see. Got any full pics? And how are those BC coilovers workin for you? Aren't those made by the guys at CCW? I'm waiting to see how their cup kits come out.
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Hey Doom. Is that your actual accord as your avatar? That thing looks fresh from as much as I can see. Got any full pics?
Click the link in his sig.

His car's very nice looking. One of the better ones I've seen. Everything flows nicely together. Very simple.

And you never replied to my PM Johnny
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