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Idle air control valve issue

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2002 accord ex coupe 2.3l

recently had a check engine light(p1519) pop up along with idle surging. From what i have read, that code shows there is a electrical issue with the idle air control valve. i have also read it could be a power or ground issue with the main relay or ECU. or even the solenoid inside the iacv.

i read where people were using multimeters checking voltages and continuity. what i did was disconnect the 3 pin connector harness and took a test light and placed it in the harness where the power is. and it lit up fine. so then i took a paper clip and placed it where the ground is, connected the test light to that and poked it back into the power part of the 3 pin connector. still lit up.

is it safe to say the issue is more than likely the iacv and not any damaged wires or electrical issues going through the car?

I am just trying to avoid throwing parts at it, however, i would rather replace the iacv than try to find bad wiring and fix that. i just recently spent a good chunk of cash doing the timing belt and replacing the EGR.

input would be appreciated.
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It seems like you can only check 2 of the 3 wires using your test (power and ground). Not sure how you would check the 3rd (signal) wire without some additional info on what that voltage should be.

FWIW, the reason the idle surges is because the IAC is stuck open (or you have a vacuum leak) and ECM cuts off the injectors to limit the idle speed. Have you tired the shade tree fix of tapping on the IAC with a screwdriver or similar tool?

Often the IAC will get dirty and stick, but that usually throws a P505 code not P1519 like you have. I recently had to clean mine after a P505 code.
i have not attempted to give it a tap with a screw driver. not even sure if there is room to reach back there and do it. but i will check it out. also im going to get a multimeter off of my dad and try to check the valve with that and see how that goes.
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