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When the engine is cold it idles pretty fast. The car almost wants to take off when it's still cold when idling at a stop light. Until the engine gets just above the C, it's rough.
I just realized something--with the LED headlights on the Touring, because of the lower power consumption, there is no weird electrical behavior! Ever! :jawdrop: (I know that headlight flicker was a common 8th-Gen problem, particularly the first couple years.) Even running with the defogger, lights, and A/C, the wipers don't even slow like they would do on past Accords thanks to an overworked alternator and too-small battery.

As for engine idle, I learned quickly about the fast idle on the V6s when I first took a non-NAVI Sedan for a test drive--and went twenty feet before I knew what was happening! :eek: (Thankfully, nobody was walking in front of the car, and the salesman who was with me wasn't ticked-off!) You have to have your foot FIRMLY planted on the brakes when you drive off or back out of the garage! :yes:

Thank you, emissions regs! :rolleyes: (Engine has to run hard to light-off the front catalytic-converter on cold-start.)
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