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2013 Honda Accord Coupe LX-S 4-6
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Just bought a used 2013 Coupe LX-S 4-6 and it was filled with a bunch of dirt and dog fur so I decided to take the seats out to get a deep clean of the carpets.

How to take manual adjusting seats out:
1. Disconnect negative to battery before removing seats so airbag light doesn’t go crazy
2. Remove front 2 bolts (14mm)
3. Pop rear bolt covers off
4. Remove rear 2 bolts (14mm)
5. Disconnect three harnesses
6. There is a clip holding the harness into the seat that you’ll need to undo.
7. Repeat for the other side.

I installed the seats back in once vacuuming and deep cleaning the carpet. Connected the battery and started the car up. An immediate airbag light came on and it had me worried as I just bought the car.
Reason for it was the yellow harness for the airbag wasn’t fully clicked in and threw a light. Make sure the yellow clip is pushed in hard as it spring loaded so I thought it was connected at first but wasn’t.

Figured I’d help some people out with removing the seats and if the airbag light pops up.
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