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I'm done with Contis

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Well, I realize it may be just a coincidence but the experience with Continental I've had so far makes me look for sth different.
I've been busy lately so this spring wheel change came late. I store my wheels properly (they hang in covers and are rotated) so I was shocked to see what had happened to one of the summer tyres:

My first thought was that it must have been a rodden or something but the whole tyre is kinda flaked off evenly all around and the rubber looks... rotten on the biting edges(?):

Have you ever seen anything like that? Any idea what might have happened to it? I couldn't have overlooked such damage while taking the wheel off in autumn. Ok, I know these tyres are old but the rest of them look really fine and they still have 5-6mm of tread. Can anything like that happen just because the tyre is 6-7 years old?
Anyway, I have just ordered a brand new set of Michelin Pilot Sport 5.
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Somewhat off topic: My boat trailer tires are still the ones that came with it, purchased in 1997. They still have plenty of tread, hold air, and show no weather cracking. I guess I'm running on borrowed time but I don't tow it any farther than 10-15 miles to and from the storage place twice a year and less than a mile to launch. Think I should replace them?
How prepared are you to change one, if it blows out on the road? If it would be an easy 10-15 minute replacement, you can push it IMO.
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