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I'm done with Contis

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Well, I realize it may be just a coincidence but the experience with Continental I've had so far makes me look for sth different.
I've been busy lately so this spring wheel change came late. I store my wheels properly (they hang in covers and are rotated) so I was shocked to see what had happened to one of the summer tyres:

My first thought was that it must have been a rodden or something but the whole tyre is kinda flaked off evenly all around and the rubber looks... rotten on the biting edges(?):

Have you ever seen anything like that? Any idea what might have happened to it? I couldn't have overlooked such damage while taking the wheel off in autumn. Ok, I know these tyres are old but the rest of them look really fine and they still have 5-6mm of tread. Can anything like that happen just because the tyre is 6-7 years old?
Anyway, I have just ordered a brand new set of Michelin Pilot Sport 5.
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How prepared are you to change one, if it blows out on the road? If it would be an easy 10-15 minute replacement, you can push it IMO.
It is all good till that blowout rips the fender off your trailer and or wrecks something on the car that is following you.
Put new tires on!
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