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Hey There, I was wondering if anyone else is having this issue?
-I got my Honda Accord back in Nov 2014
-In Feb of 2015 I started having issues with my Honda Accord infotainment freezing.
-Contacted Honda they suggested having dealer see the issue.
-Took it for service they could not find anything wrong with it.
-Issue got worse. Dealer said it was something with iPhone. Restore device and replaced iPhone 6 plus. Issue was still there.
-Few weeks went by.
-Contacted Honda Frustrated they suggested to drop off to dealer and have them run further testing.
-They could not verify issue. after having car for two days. During pickup they tried to had me replicate issue. I was able to show them how system was responding with a latency with pandora. but everything else was working.
-They schedule another drop off. To call service tech and to update car to have Siri eyes free.
-After having the car for a day there conclusion was.
-My iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 8 is not compatible with there Handsfree System,
-Therefore Siri Eyes Free is not an option on my model year (not sure if it will ever happen) Freezing and locking up is expected.
-They said they may have an update by Late summer (~September 2015)
-For now just pull over and turn car off and on, to reset infotainment system.
-I just think its kind unacceptable Honda and other car companies needs to get moving technology is moving fast they got to try keep up with.
-The frustrating parts is that I have a unusable car radio until Honda decided to update.
-I can use radio but nothing else.
-Now my bluetooth keeps dropping connection with my car. which was not happening before.
-Replacing my iPhone again. To tell Handa that they broke it.
-They said they only support phones from there HONDALINK website.
-Which is nothing in the last year.

-Just saw the DIY for Siri-eyes-Free. Its cool they latency would be really frustrating.

-here is the Videos of the Freezing.

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Battery related?

Funny, I had my car in for my B1 service which apparently included a "free" battery check and when I started the car my radio froze for the first time in 2 years....I pulled over, stopped and-restarted the car and i haven't had an issues since...
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