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Hi everyone, I'm in Australia and I have a 2013 Accord VTi-L. I don't know the American equivalent, but it's the top end model with a 2.4 L engine. It has satnav and 2 screens on the centre console. The top screen is controlled by a rotating knob, and the bottom screen is touch.

There's a long story to how I got this disc error. I've already made a post of Reddit with the full story, so this post will only be what's relevant.
  • I took my car for a general service to a dealer and asked for a map update quote (Nobody sells map update discs for Australia)
  • I declined the map update because it costed too much, but the general servicing was done
  • When I picked it up, I get the disc error mentioned in the title
  • Dealership isn't taking responsibility, said my only option is to pay them over a grand to replace the entire unit
My post on Reddit in r/Honda is called 'Dealership broke my infotainment system and they won't take responsibility, what now?'. Since this is my first post here, it won't let me link to it.

I'll copy my troubleshooting steps from my Reddit post:
The bottom touch screen retains most of its functionality. I’m able to listen to the radio, change stations, change audio sources and use the steering wheel controls. I’m able to select AUX and use an AUX cable to connect my phone and even listen to a CD despite it being a disc error. The top screen, however, is more complicated. When starting the car, I get the Honda splash screen, then the warning about keeping your eyes on the road and what not. When I click the OK button, I get ‘disc read error, please check your disc and restart the engine’. When I put it into reverse, the reversing camera works and I'm able to switch angles. Lane watch only appears when indicating left. The button on the indicator stalk doesn't bring up the lane watch feed, but I'm able to use it to exit the camera feed after indicating. I'm also able to get into the diagnostic menu by holding a combination of buttons. Going through all the options in there, everything seems fine. I even did a factory reset from there.

(You can find the video on the Reddit post, it won't let me add any links)

Now, this is where it gets interesting: I found out if I trigger the parking sensors, by getting close to something, or by putting something in front of the car, I can see the infotainment system working in the background (In the video below, I placed a bag in-front of the car so it triggers the parking sensors, also, you might want to mute the audio). The disc error is gone, replaced by the standard ‘WARNING, APPROACHING OBJECT’. Behind it, I can see, use, and go through all the menus and satnav just fine. Notice how clicking one of the shortcut buttons bring up the error message again. To get rid of it, I turn the parking sensors off and on. I can confirm the map update, if they did start it, was unsuccessful as my local area is still wrong. Using this trick to get it half working, I went into the car's Bluetooth settings half blind and successfully paired my phone. I can play Bluetooth audio through the stereo, and the media buttons on the steering wheel work. I also found that when I’m in a phone call via Bluetooth, the disc error message goes away like before and I can fully see the screen! Once the call ends, the disc error comes back. For some reason, when I call a friend with Snapchat, the disc error doesn't come back when the call ends. The whole system works like normal (no need to set the parking sensors off, everything works 100% of the time) until I turn off the engine. Note that when the disc error is gone, I can now activate lane watch using the button on the indicator stalk.

Note: I wasn't able to reproduce the underlined parts again

I noticed my trip-meters and fuel efficiency meters were all reset, suggesting my car lost power sometime during the servicing. That could just be them disconnecting the battery when changing the oil though.

Has anyone encountered this disc error? Does anyone know how to fix this? I've searched everywhere, and the only posts were for earlier Accords, ones that still have a separate disc for the maps. The 9th gen Accord doesn't have one, and has a hard drive instead.

Does anyone know what could have caused this disc error? I'm trying to ask the dealership questions, but their answers were evasive other than absolutely insisting they didn't start the map update.

Any help is appreciated.

Edit: clarified which car I have
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