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Backwards, true cai's def have a better sound then short rams...and way less heat soak.

Usually a short ram intake would be louder, since the pipe is shorter in length and closer to the throttle body. A cold air intake isn't much quieter, but might sound a little less deep due to the air traveling a farther distance in the pipe and the pipe almost acting as a resonator.
Sounds right on paper...don't quote me but I think the louder sound is actually due to the longer mental pipe, allowing more of an "echo" effect.

My g35 coupe initially had a short ram, which sounded good for sure, but when I switched to a true I ken CAI it sounded like a god damn lion was under my hood...and I got back that loss of torque I would feel if the car got to hot...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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