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I just changed out most of my interior bulbs to LED's and wanted to give a heads up to those who wanted to do it, but was too lazy to search for the right size. Mine was a 2012 Accord EX-L

2x $3.60 Vanity Mirror Lights(Crisp white, no hint of blue or yellow) (comes in a pair, so you need 2 pairs total for both mirrors):

$3.10 Trunk Light(Crisp white, no hint of blue or yellow) (includes 2, but you only need 1 since I couldn't find a 1 pack, also LED shines both up and down, when you only need down. I found a LED which only shines up, but nothing that only shines down):

$2.90 Map lights/Dome lights(this one is a bit blue, NOT pure white) (Comes in a pair, Ordering 2 pairs leaves you with 1 extra since you need 2 for Map lights, 1 for Dome light):

$7.70 Much brighter version of the Map lights/Dome lights(Crisp white) (comes in a pair)
BOTH map/dome lights above will dim down when you lock the car

$2.80 Door courtesy lights(Crisp white, comes in a pair, 1 for each door since rear doors do not have any lights):

$2.30 License Plate lights(Crisp white, comes in a pair, and needs 2 for the light. The reason why I chose light LED was because the mounts for the lights are at a 45 degree angle, so there are no LED's I could find which shines exactly that way, this works fine since there's enough LED's shining everywhere)

The hardest one to install was the License Plate lights, easiest ones was the vanity mirror, door courtesy, and dome light since those just pop out. You just need to be careful with the map light and trunk so you don't break any clips removing the cover.
Hope this helps.
Also, this was more for doing LED's for cheap, granted you'll wait about 3 weeks after shipping to receive the LED's, but its still the cheapest I could find.
This is my first post, so please be easy on me :)
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