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I have a 2004 Honda Accord LX 4cyl 5-speed manual with 210k miles. It's been my daily for several years, very few issues and regular oil changes and general maintenance. Lately, it's been having this issue intermittently when starting. I'd say about 50% of the time it starts normally with no issues, and the other 50% of the time it has trouble. Also, it's more likely to happen on a cold start, but I have had this happen on warm starts as well. I finally caught the issue on video. It's like it gets stuck trying to turn the engine over, and you can see the serpentine wheels stop spinning when the starter (I think) is whining and the engine stops making the rhythmic sound of turning over:

2004 Accord LX I4 trouble starting

I just replaced the battery (which was at least 4 years old) a couple of weeks ago and the problem didn't go away. I'm guessing it's the starter, but possibly the alternator (although I ran a test on the alternator several months back and the voltage was correct, need to test it again to be sure though). I've read some things online about a starter relay as well, but I can't find anything conclusive. I haven't taken it to a mechanic for this problem yet.

It drives normally once it's started, however when moving slowly in traffic or driving slowly in a parking lot, I have noticed that on rare occasions the power occasionally dips and the engine comes close to shutting off when coming to a stop or putting in the clutch (taking power off the engine to let it come down to idling speed). It's had this issue since before I started having issues starting it though.

Only other major issue is that it has had a pretty bad oil leak since I got it. I replaced the valve cover gasket and VTEC solenoid gasket about 3 or 4 years ago and it didn't help. I just check the oil level regularly and top it off when necessary. I only bring this up because the other day I also noticed that there was a tiny bit of oil on the serpentine belt and pulleys.

Has anyone had this issue or similar?
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